Cooperative Dual Arm Application

Dual arm robots, with their multiple degrees of freedom and increased flexibility, allow them to be used for a wide number of applications making it possible to automate complicated task. The dual arms move independently from one another to allow the robot to perform tasks that a single-arm robot cannot, such as tightening a screw in a component with one arm while holding the component in place with the other. This requires, however, sophisticated programming and control algorithms for arms cooperation.

Fanuc 2000iA_165f.jpg
Sector : 

Electronics, Automotive, Pharmaceutical

The robot application is two hand operations –similar to human assembly. It can perform multiple simultaneous tasks at the same time. Synchronized motion enables safe handling of larger and heavier parts. Ultimately it improves cycle time while maintaining safe operation speed. Both arms are controlled by single controller which reduces chances of collision and interacting in each other’s work envelope.