This course includes robot programming and performing welding and vision inspection applications. The candidate will be able to perform quality welding on a variety of jobs. For Vision inspection, the candidate will be able to set parameters for vision software and integrate the same with the robot system to perform accurate inspections.

This is a certified course
Duration :
6 weeks
Prior Knowledge :
Preferred Intermediate Training

Course Highlights

1. Offline programming: Robot simulation

2. Setting up the Robot system

3. Robotic Industrial vision inspection

4. Robotic Arc Welding

5. PLC communication and System interlocks

6. Errors and Alarms

7. System Maintenance

8. On – site project execution

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1. Performing quality welding with any given part

2. Creating a part inspection program on Industrial inspection camera software

3. Performing vision inspection by Integrating Camera, PLC and the Robot

4. Getting involved in On-going projects and opportunity for installation and commissioning of robotics system at customer end.


Course Certificate

Internship in Associated Companies

Task Completion Letter

Research on Ongoing projects

Resume build-up

Industrial Projects